fees and tuition

The fees and tuition for full time students will be $350 for every unit and this will start this summer 2016. The university is encouraging everyone to stay tune for further updates about this.

Herguan University

Herguan University is definitely a good learning institution in the United States. If you are looking for a university that can give so much more what you want, choose to be in this university.

You will get a lot of benefits by the time that you spend your first day in this university. You will be surrounded by people who are always willing to help you to succeed someday.

Student Leadership

Herguan University is not just focused on providing what kind of education system that best suits their students. They are also giving each student the freedom to participate in some of the student activities that are held almost every year.

Herguan University

Herguan University have the Student Leadership Council that manages the upcoming student activities. Those students who are interested in serving the Council must go to the office of the Student Services.


HGU is for Everyone


Attending college education is not just for the young ones but even those busy professionals out there want to attend college again to add more knowledge and to gain more credentials for promotions and to get better opportunities inside the industry.

Herguan University

Flexible schedule is one of the best offers of the Herguan University wherein working students and busy professionals choose to take business related courses.


Admission into Herguan University

Herguan University is a fully accredited private university located Sunnyvale, California. The MSCS, MSEE, and MBA programs of the university operate with approval from the Bureau for Private Post secondary Education of the California Department of Consumer Affairs. To be admitted to the graduate program a student:

• Must have earned a valid bachelor’s degree
• Must have achieved a CGPA of 2.0 or the equivalent in their bachelor’s degree
• Must demonstrate proficiency in the areas of preferred graduate study through courses completed on their transcripts.

Herguan University

If you are lacking the prerequisite subject-matter proficiency, you will be required to complete the appropriate per-requisite courses at the university.
Application for admission can be done either on a hard copy or online, and he student will be required to pay a onetime, non-refundable application fee of $50. Transcripts for all university coursework completed must also be submitted. If your native language is not English, you will be required to demonstrate your English proficiency by submitting your scores from standardized tests such as:

• Ext.

You may expect to receive notification of your admission status in two weeks after filing the completed application.

In addition to the above requirements, international students will need a valid passport, an F-1 student visa, and an HGU I-20 form duly filled. Form I-20 is issued by the university, and upon receiving it, you will be required to pay the SEVIS I-901 fee and apply for an F-1 visa. The SEVIS I-901 fee is $200 and must be paid before the visa interview. You will also be required to submit form DS-156, which is a Non immigrant Visa Application Resource Document.